I work with sustainability at the forefront of my mind. I am constantly striving to learn and do better and there have been so many changes to the way I work and the materials I use to try and make Studio Ginkgo as eco-friendly as possible. 

A mission of mine is getting rid of the ‘disposable’ aspect of jewellery by constantly working to make my products long lasting and improving the quality. Just because it's affordable, doesn’t make it ‘throwaway’. Your jewellery can last years if cared for properly!

As I start working with more metals and less clay I will be using recycled silver and producing my own reusable moulds for pendants and rings, there for using less energy to produce jewellery. The waste created is already super minimal due to the way I work. When making my metal designs I use the lost wax carving method. The most impactful advantage of lost wax casting is that it is environmentally friendly as it is produced from wax patterns which can be reclaimed and used again. This results in reducing metal scrap as I can see my jewellery pieces before they are cast.

I've been working on a core collection that embodies the brands identity and will be permanently available instead of a seasonal collection.  I’m hoping that this will encourage people to ditch the attitude of throwing items away after they’re no longer on trend, and instead buy pieces you love and will love for a long time!

All packing 100% plastic free and recyclable unless stated otherwise!

All candles are and will always be made out of soy wax unless stated otherwise.