Daisy tote bag

Daisy tote bag

The perfect summer tote bag (if summer ever happens)


As it was my first time screen printing and hand painting bags I’ve separated them into two categories, ‘perfect’ (first photo) and ‘imperfect’ (second photo). The perfect bags may have some slight faults on the print but only visible if you go looking for them. The second category are the imperfect ones the print is faded but there's nothing wrong with the bag itself and this is reflected in the price. These bags will be sold at what it cost to make them meaning that nothing goes to waste! Each tote bag features a magnetic fastening and lining with inside pockets.


click the imperfect option for price difference.


The bags measure at Length 13cm x Width 36cm x Depth 13cm

    £14.00 Regular Price
    £11.20Sale Price


    What You Need to Know

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