Gemstone Pendant Hoops

Gemstone Pendant Hoops

Add a glint of glamour to any outfit with these mini hoops featuring a pop of pellucid colour in a bezel setting.


The embellished hoop collection reimagines your go-to hoops through a range of unique charms and accents. Collect your favourites and mix and match for a truly individual look. The exquisite Gemstone Pendant Hoops feature a choice of rich amber or emerald green coloured resin, set in gold bezel to create a gemstone effect.


  • Details

    Length | 2.5cm

    Width | 0.6cm

    Materials | gold-plated copper alloy hoops, gold-plated pendant, coloured resin 

  • Delivery

    At Studio Gingko we are against fast fashion. All our pieces are handmade using materials carefully selected for sustainability and longevity. Lead time for this product is currently 2-3  weeks. Worth the wait for a lifetime of wear and a cleaner planet.

  • Care

    We believe in sustainability, for the good of the planet, and the customer. We want your product to last a lifetime. Help us achieve this by avoiding contact with water, chlorine, perfumes, lotions, aerosols and other cosmetics when wearing your jewellery and removing it when washing, swimming and exercising.



What You Need to Know

We are a small business and make up one person processing orders. Jewellery may be slightly faster but each candle is hand poured to order so we therefore kindly ask you allow two to three weeks before your pieces start making their journey to you. We understand waiting is no fun but we really appreciate your patience. If you need something in a hurry feel free to give us a shout, we'll always do our best.

To ensure that your Studio Ginkgo pieces look their best, please try and avoid direct contact with water, chlorine, perfumes, lotions, aerosols and any other cosmetics. please remove all jewellery when washing, swimming or exercising.

for more details on shipping and delivery please refer to our 'shipping' section on the website